The Weekly(??) Fourdown – Knockoffs

Also known as “reinventions” if you’re feeling generous. These are games that take a successful game’s formula and work with it in their own way. Despite feeling a little snarky about them, sometimes they can work out quite well if they bring their own ideas to enhance what they’re building on. And other times, not so much.

YY: Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

(aka Left 4 Rats)

Other games have drawn from Left 4 Dead’s wildly successful formula but few are as blatant as Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide: Why Not a Fourth Title While You’re At It?

The hordes, the special rats that mimic L4d’s specials, the obstacles and general flow of combat. It’s all here. Yet it makes itself stand out with its melee combat focus and characters that actually differ from each other. Each one feels unique to play, and swapping between them will keep things interesting for a while. Plus, the melee combat itself is chunky, gruesome, and requires precision and timing at high levels.

Like L4D, its longevity is based on how many times you want to play the same maps over and over. A frustratingly random loot system is supposed to help with this, but it just means the community is much more hostile than it ought to be.

Still, for its great combat and multiplayer fun, this is as good as ripoffs get.

Y: Full Mojo Rampage

(aka The Binding of Voodoo)

Calling this an Isaac ripoff might not even be fair. While the twin-stick roguelike gameplay is similar, it has a lot of different ideas on how to play and also features online coop.

It feels a little loose at times, needing a bit of polish, but if you’re an Isaac fan then this is worth checking out to play with a friend. Expect frustration with the unclear mechanics and permadeath at first. Just like you had with Isaac when you first started it!

N: 12 is Better Than 6

(aka Hotline Mexico)

A western shoot ’em up in that spastic high-stakes style of Hotline Miami,  this one let me down by just being messily pasted together. It has the pieces of a good knockoff game, but its many flaws keep them from staying together. Plus, I can’t stress enough how embarrassing the “edgy” writing is.

NN: The Dolls: Reborn

(aka: Five Nights at Dolly’s)

A game so similar to Five Nights at Freddy’s it got sued. If you’re not interested in that series, then you’re not interested in this. And if you’re a FNaF fan, then you probably won’t care about this either.

Buggy, ugly, and terribly unoriginal. Not worth a penny.



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